More than 25 world-class firms have chosen Camana Bay as their address, resulting in the Town becoming an international hub for the financial services industry. Leaders in the legal, accounting, banking, funds and insurance sectors are joined by offshore offices of entrepreneurial businesses from around the globe.

Companies in Camana Bay offer their employees a rich array of amenities and essential services, all of which are easily accessible via pedestrian friendly streets and sidewalks. The intrinsic benefits of the location provide firms with a competitive edge in client hospitality and recruitment as well as effective tools for talent management and retention.


AlixPartners (Cayman) Limited 
38 Market Street, Suite 4208
TEL: 345.946.0081
WEB: alixpartners.com

94 Solaris Avenue, 2nd Floor
TEL: 345.945.1AON 345.945.1266
FAX: 345.949.8163
WEB: aon.com

BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Suite 4206, 38 Market Street, Canella Court
TEL: 345.769.6600
WEB: bnymellon.com

Cayman National
62 Forum Lane, Suite 6201
TEL: 345.949.4655
EMAIL: info@cnifs.com
WEB: caymannational.com

89 Nexus Way, 2nd Floor
TEL: 345.945.3838
EMAIL: cayman-bank@citco.com
WEB: citco.com

Dart Enterprises
89 Nexus Way, 2nd Floor
TEL: 345.640.3500
FAX: 345.640.3480
WEB: dartenterprises.biz

Dart Real Estate
89 Nexus Way, 1st Floor
TEL: 345.640.3600
EMAIL: info@dartrealestate.com
WEB: dartrealestate.com

89 Nexus Way, 1st Floor
TEL: 345.640.3600
EMAIL: inquiries@deccoltd.com
WEB: deccolimited.com

EFG Bank
45 Market Street, Suite 3208
TEL: 345.943.3350
EMAIL: enquiries_ch@efgbank.com
WEB: efgbank.com

89 Nexus Way, 4th Floor
TEL: 345.949.9876
FAX: 345.949.9877
WEB: www.elian.com 

Ernst & Young
62 Forum Lane
TEL: 345.949.8444
EMAIL: ernst.young@ky.ey.com

Focus Administration 
45 Market Street, Suite 3120
TEL: 345.943.6200
EMAIL: marketing@focusadminltd.com 
WEB: focusadminltd.com 

Forbes Hare
Cassia Court, 10 Market Street, Suite 716
TEL: 345.943.7700
EMAIL: info@forbeshare.com
WEB: forbeshare.com

Grant Thornton Specialist Services
48 Market Street, Suite 1290
TEL: 345.949.7100
FAX: 345.949.7120
WEB: grant-thornton.co.uk

Greenlight RE
65 Market Street, Suite 1207, Jasmine Court
TEL: 345.943.4573
EMAIL: greenlightre@greenlightre.ky
WEB: greenlightre.ky

Hurley’s Media Ltd.
18 Forum Lane, Suite 5106
TEL: 345.333.6500
EMAIL: info@hurleysmedia.ky
WEB: hurleysmedia.ky

Ironshore Pharmaceutical & Development
10 Market Street, Suite 436
TEL: 345.547.5776
EMAIL: kyle@ironshore.ky
WEB: ironshore.ky

ITA Group
Canella Court, Suite 4210, 2nd Floor
WEB: investors-trust.com

Kobre & Kim
45 Market Street, Suite 3207
TEL: 345.749.4000
FAX: 345.749.4020
WEB: kobrekim.com

Koch Industries
45 Market Street, Suite 3206B
TEL: 345.946.9352
EMAIL: info@kochind.com
WEB: kochfertilizer.com

London & Amsterdam
45 Market Street, Suite 3206B
TEL: 345.949.4703
EMAIL: lamco@londonandamsterdam.com

Mourant Ozannes
94 Solaris Avenue, 4th Floor
TEL: 345.949.4123
EMAIL: caymanislands@mourantozannes.com
WEB: mourantozannes.com

89 Nexus Way, 4th Floor
TEL: 345.949.9876
EMAIL: legal@ogier.com
WEB: ogier.com

Personnel 2000
Market Street, Suite 3119
TEL: 345.945.8367
EMAIL: careers@personnel2000.com
WEB: personnel2000.com

Prosperity Capital
45 Market Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 3202, Gardenia Court
TEL: 345.745.8500
EMAIL: info@prosperitycapital.com
WEB: prosperitycapital.com

18 Forum Lane, 4th Floor
TEL: 345.949.7000
FAX: 345.949.7352
WEB: pwc.com

Ritchie Capital Management
62 Forum Lane
TEL: 345.745.8500
EMAIL: info@prosperitycapital.com
WEB: ritchiecapital.com

SALT Technology Group
10 Market Street, Suite 230
TEL: 345.623.7258
WEB: salt.ky

Silver Wheaton (Cayman) Ltd.
94 Solaris Avenue, Suite 300
TEL: 345.945.3584
WEB: silverwheaton.com

SS&C Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd.
Gardenia Court, 45 Market Street, Suite 3205
TEL: 345.943.3330
FAX: 345.946.7652
WEB: ssctech.com

Smeets Law
72 Market Street, Suite 2206, Cassia Court
TEL: 345.815.2800
EMAIL: cayman@smeetslawnet.com
WEB: smeetslawnet.com

State Street
45 Market Street, Suite 3307, Gardenia Court
TEL: 345.949.6644
WEB: statestreet.com

Swiss & Global Asset Management
45 Market Street, Gardenia Court, 2nd floor, Suite 3204
TEL: 345.949.7212
WEB: swissglobal-am.com

Vagabond Media Group
45 Market Street, Gardenia Court, Suite 3122
TEL: 345.328.3565
EMAIL: jason@vagabonmediagroup.com
WEB: vagabondmediagroup.com

Willis Capital Management
62 Forum Lane, 3rd Floor
TEL: 345.949.6039
FAX: 345.949.6621
WEB: willis.com