Sustainability is a way of life in Camana Bay. Energy efficient design and building practices coupled with the latest innovations in sustainable operations deliver maximum benefit for tenants. Buildings are designed for longevity, with thoughtfully selected materials that will age gracefully and maintain the buildings’ aesthetics over time while providing the highest standards of protection against Caribbean weather conditions. Designers undertook extensive wind and shade studies to maximize ventilation and minimize heat, and buildings incorporate an array of features:

  • Oriented to capture the prevailing breezes to reduce energy consumption for cooling
  • Maximized solar shading with multiple layers of roof hangings, balconies and shading devices
  • Photovoltaic systems with annual enhancements
  • Sloped roofs collect rainwater for irrigating surrounding landscapes
  • Energy-efficient mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Chilled water AC/cooling system
  • Inspired landscaping using only native and indigenous plants
  • LED lighting in the car parks and tenant spaces (100% of the Town Centre by 2015)
  • Recycling programme with the island’s only glass recycling facility on site
  • Built to Miami-Dade NOA hurricane specifications
  • Seven and a half feet above sea level